An environmentally sustainable product that’s eco-friendly and beautiful to wear: that’s the Cardato Recycled and Cardato labels guarantee.

Versatile wool fabrics and yarns that can be used in many ways, made from recycled textiles or virgin fybers and accompanied by a brand that guarantees the life cycle measurement of its product, or, to use technical terminology, its LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

This is what makes up new brands, Cardato Recycled and Cardato, sponsored by the Prato Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Consortium for the Valorisation of Cardato Textiles, the Prato Industrial Union, Confartigianato and CNA. The international certification body SGS that is responsible for certification, as well as providing a connection to fashion brands. More and more brands are following this path. Cardato Recycled and Cardato companies can have this information attested by a third party and made available to their clients.


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