Sorting The used clothing or cuttings of new fabrics used by the garment industry are sorted according to quality and color. In some cases linings, buttons, zippers, etc., have to be removed from the clothing. This is an important aspect of the process where the “hand and eye” of the expert worker are essential.

 Carbonizing Carbonizing is a process that eliminates any vegetable impurities from the wool. Rags and cuttings are dry cleaned with hydrochloric acid, while new wool fiber is soaked in sulfuric acid.The treated fabrics or staples are then beaten to eliminate the carbonized particles.

Tearing In this process, the rags become fiber again by being mechanically torn and washed: the two operations are carried out in tanks where the rags are forced by the current of the water through two pairs of cylinders with steel teeth that tear them. The fiber in then dried.

Tratto da “Il cardato pratese”
Di F. Magi e F. Ceccarelli, Prato 2002



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